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Girl On A Moto podcast

Aug 22, 2018

Connie talks about her trials and tribulations on the road to Sturgis and her decision to turn right back around and head home before actually touching down in Sturgis. Beulah had some technical difficulties of her own since the last recording, we would like to thank Kari from Flatblack Collective, a coed riding group in San Diego, and her dude Rick for being excellent hosts and we're super bummed that the interview we recorded at their home was lost due to said technical difficulties.

After we finished recording we remembered that we did not explain our swear jar situation that we mentioned during the episode. Since we seem to bring up either Mitch and Moto F.A.M. or Babes Ride Out in every episode we thought a moto-swear jar would be appropriate, every time we mention them we put a dollar in the jar and at the end of the year we'll make a donation to Moto F.A.M. Our tally was 7 for this episode.

Here are a other people or brands we mentioned:
Sweatshop Industries .: Connie's go-to moto travel bags : for Connie's spare gas bottle
Nate Biccum @n8biccum: Illustrator of all things moto : Hosts of Kernville Kampout Oct 5-7 get your tickets
@dangerdanimal and his
and of course Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys - sign up for their free B.A.M. membership TODAY!